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The number of TV Commericals (TVC) all the time. Whether for food products, beverages, motorcycles, cars, medicines, banks, or anything else, the number of unique TVC's is growing. How easy is it to access these videos outside of TV? If the commercial was never aired, only aired for a short time, this presents further challenges. Where should we look to try and find these videos?

So, where we can get the TVC we need? In a fast, easy, efficient way?

TVConAIR meets these needs. TVConAIR can be described as "Indonesia's TV Commercials Bank", and it is ONLINE so it can easily be accessed anywhere and anytime.

TVConAIR delivered TVCs that have aired from 2005. The development speed of the internet made TVConAIR in 2011 presents a choice of 3 TVC sizes which are small, medium, and high. TVC size option are expected to give more flexibility to the members to choose according to their individual needs.

Originally created for a small, limited group of people, TVConAIR is now accessible by the general public. We are now have more than 10,000 members, and have more than 15,000 TVC's. The cost of providing and improving this service is enormous and we thank you for your support.

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